Terms of Enactment Date: February 1, 2011

Welcome to LiveonLive.com

This Terms of Service, from Japan www.liveonlive.com to access the web site of the URL of, will be applied to people to watch and view and distribute content on the web site.

Sea Dragon Asia Ltd. to provide services to customers who are in Japan, the Japanese Sea Dragon Asia Ltd. will provide the service to customers who are in the world outside of Japan.

Sea Dragon Asia Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company".), Using the video platform that held by the Company, via a device such as a PC on the Internet, streaming service that customers can perform streaming content , as well as, the customer provides the social networking service that allows live streaming, sharing and chat content, such as video recording and recording (hereinafter collectively these services, or, refers to the part, "this called the service ". in addition, the following, www.Liveonlive.com together the other of any web site that our web site and our that can be accessed at the URL of managed holdings referred to as the" site ".).

To this service, implantable video player held by the Company, LiveonLive · channel, our each software applications and related technology (any updates of them, the new version, including the new release.) In our viewer , it will not be limited to include the broadcaster and the recorder of the application. (Referred to as "LiveonLive · application", respectively.) And includes the other all of the products and services we provide through the Site and Services.

Terms and conditions set forth below (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms".) Is because it is important, please read well.

Customers of this site and the Services (the content, information, including a product or service.) Access and available to, the present terms and conditions, as well as, be incorporated as part of the Terms and Conditions by reference to any of the Company subject to the privacy policy and our use basic policy.

Terms of Service is a legal agreement between you and us, the customer is a member (as defined later.) A is whether, or this site simply visitors are viewing (hereinafter, the members and visitors collectively referred to as the "Company user".) at either the regardless of which, it will apply to you. For a specific thing out of this site and this service (and the access or use of to be defined in the below "Content"), or different terms and conditions are posted, or your consent to the additional terms and conditions you may be asked to. This site, in a special case of the terms and conditions that have been posted for a specific thing of the Service or the content and the Terms and Conditions to the contrary is, the present use special use conditions with respect to your use or access of the specific things It takes precedence over the terms.

If the customer clicks on the button "I agree", or, in the case of this site, this service (including all of the content that is provided in the.), Or using your account, this you agree to submit to the Terms and Conditions.
That customers, if you download any book content through from on this site or the Service, or, if you post any book content through on this site or this service, you agree to be subject to the Terms and Conditions It will be.
If you do not accept all Terms of this use, this site, you will not be able to use the Service or the content. If you agree to the representative to the present Terms and Conditions of the company, customers, that there is authority to follow the company to these Terms and Conditions, and your acceptance of this Terms of Use as agreed between the Company you represent and warrant to be treated.
In this case, "You" and "your" refers to the company.

1. Eligibility and Registration

To access to certain features of the site and this service is, also, to me for a traveler, you will need to set our account become "members".
To become a member, you must be at least 13 years old. Only to customers of the 18-year-old or more members, 6. (Defined in below.) Premium content and ticket issue which will be described in detail you can buy access to.Customers that are not members, are readily available of all viewing and parts that are not members only out of the service area of this site.
During registration, the customer will be required to select a user name and password.
There are the customers responsibility to protect your password, I agree not to disclose to any third party the password.
Customers, for the activities and actions that have been made ??in your password, regardless of whether or not the activities and actions you approve, we assume the responsibility alone. Customer will immediately notify the company about the unauthorized use of your password. Customers, also in and any other point in time when the customer registration, authentic information to be provided to the Company, accurate, and agree that it is current and complete.Without limiting the other terms and conditions of this Terms and Conditions, the customer, it should not be a spoof to the use or others of the pseudonym, also, you should not use the user name or password without the right to use.

The Company reserves the right to ask the customer to change the user name for any reason, at any time and shall be able to seek a change.

If you become a member, use of electromagnetic means for making a notification to our customers based on the performance or the Terms and Conditions of the Terms of this use (a), as well as, of this site and the Service in accordance with the present Terms of Use and your (b) I agree to the use of electronic records in order to save the information on the use.
Our Privacy Policy, the collection of information that we received from our users, contains information regarding the Company's policies and procedures regarding the use and disclosure.

2. Modify

a. The Company, by the Company's sole discretion, at any time, change the Site and the Services, and reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without stopping or terminated, or the advance notice.
If we change the Terms of Use, or to post the changes to this site or on this in the service, make the notification about the changes. In addition, the Company will update the "last updated date" of the Terms and Conditions. If the customer is unable to accept the terms after the change, the only means to solve the problems, in the case that stop the use of the Site and Services, and appropriate, is to disable our account.
By even after the change continue to access to and use of this site and this service, you shall agree to submit to the terms of use after the change.

3. Delete account

A. If the customer is in breach of this Terms and Conditions, the Company, without limiting the other means to solve the problems, the access to the site and the service by the customer immediately terminate or stop, material from this site or our servers you can delete (including the traveler). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company also, this site, the access in accordance with the present service or customers at any time, also reserves the right to terminate for any reason whatsoever that. In addition, in our own discretion, customers, (i) If any provision or our Terms of Service does not comply with the policy set or rules, or relates to the Site or the Service (ii), or, this site or in the process of using this service, or is illegal, or, our customers, our users, other third parties, to this site or this service, responsibility, damage, embarrassment, annoyance, that could lead to abuse or confusion Acts If you were, or, it is determined that the serious risk to carry out these acts are present, or if there is the suspicion, the Company, without notice to you, or to notify the authorities, or appropriate you can take action regarded as.

B. You may, at any time, for any reason, you can end our account by selecting the "Close account" in the account selection. If it is terminated by the members, the associated account will be inaccessible.

After C. Exit measures have been taken, the customer, to understand that we do not impose an additional obligation to provide this service, you understand. At the end, all of the licenses and other rights that are granted to you by these Terms and Conditions, you can immediately revoked. Our company, also to you or any third party, not responsible for the termination of the use of the service by the end or our customers of this service.

In the case of termination or stop, customers, customers (including the traveler) any of the information or associated with your account posted on this site may not be available.
In addition, the Company has no obligation in relation to the customer's account to transfer the information to the obligation and the customer or third party to store the information that is stored in our database.

D. Any stop, even termination or cancellation, the use of the provisions of the spirit and on the context, the stop, the end or your obligations (rights holders against the Company even after the cancellation based on the Terms and Conditions of survival is intended, compensation and responsibility system It includes limited, but it does not affect but not limited to).

4. The material is protected by copyright: prohibition of unauthorized use

Customers, the material to promote the infringement or infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties or violate the work that is protected by copyright, or by other methods, send, and outgoing, a connection to the material possible and then, or in order to save the material, do not use the site or the service.
The Company, the policy for the termination in appropriate environment of the copyright owner of the rights to repeat infringement or user or a member of the account is considered to be infringement, has been adopted and implemented.

5. Intellectual property rights

A. Defined in the present site will be able to use a specific content.
The "Content" as used in the present Terms and Conditions, except for the traveler, this site and this service has become possible to its use by the Company through the text, data, image, video, is the generic name of the photo and video files . The "traveler" as used in the present Terms and Conditions, delivery in Licensor the Site or the Services to the other of the company's members or a third party, posted, text to post upload, by other methods, data, image , video, photos, videos, files and other content and information (broadcast chat, discussion groups, but contains a page of the profile that bulletin board and members have created, but is not limited to these.) is a general term for.

Our company, this a book content or traveler was removed from the site, and reserves the right to remove permanently without notice.
Our company, traveler believed to be in violation of this Terms of Service, published the e-mail and other material, publication, other methods available to those who request or authorities or court ruling to enforce the law to direct the disclosure of the identity of the · to fully cooperate for the decision.

B. content customers, on the premise that to comply with these Terms and Conditions, for personal, non-commercial use of your own, go to this site, this service, this content and traveler, you can use. This site, this service, all for commercial use of this content and the traveler is required consent of the Company's prior written (for example, follow the provisions that we additionally or provided separately.).
Customers, copyright, trademark, for service marks and other intellectual property rights, this site, this service, this content, traveler, in related products and services, or remove the post that comes to these, modification or It shall not be concealed. In addition, the customer, this site, the content, the traveler (except for the traveler of your own), copy, modify, without adaptation, or without creating a derivative work based on these, performance, exhibition , publication, distribution, transmission, broadcast, sale, without license, and shall not be used by other methods.
It should be noted that, only if we provide a delivery means of the present content and traveler through the video player, customers will be able to deliver this content and traveler.
Licensor for the Company and the Company, except for the customers of the traveler, this site, the content as well as the trademarks of these, including all intellectual property rights in all the world for service marks and logos, all right, title and interest reserves.

C. Traveler

I. License of the licensed company, does not claim possession of the copyright for the customers of the traveler.
However, uploading a traveler in this site or on this service to the Company, delivery, post, e-mail transmission, publication, by sending by publication or otherwise, customers to the Company, the traveler, any form now known or, or will be developed in the future, media, equipment or technology (including the platform that this site, the web site and the services of a third party are delivered, but are not limited to these.) in, use, copy, modify, adapt to, or create derivative works based on these, performance, exhibition, publication, distribution, transmission, broadcast, for use by the other methods, non-exclusive, worldwide, free of charge, a sub-line sense possible, and shall be granted a permanent and irrevocable right and license.
For example, the Company, the traveler or on outside the frame, insert any kind of advertising, you have a placement or incorporate rights (pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, post-roll ads, overlay ads, banner ads , distribution transmission of campaign ads and companion ads, and will include other all of the types of ads that are relevant to the traveler, but are not limited to these.).
Customers are committed to own or have a license, rights, consent and authorization required in order to grant the above license to the Company, and guarantees. Customers, because the customer is our company the benefit of the rights granted to the Company to acquire enough, we reasonably request, the creation of the document, including the non-exercise of any of the rights of the issue and any support (customers. you agree to be carried out to provide).

II. Limit customers, by the Company at its discretion, restrictions on the traveler (the number of days to leave a traveler on this site upper limit, the size of the upper limit of storage or you can upload files to this site, and our traveler in server contains the upper limit for the capacity of the disk to be assigned to the customer for the preservation of, but are not limited to these.) to acknowledge that can be provided, and agree.
About to take a backup of your traveler, the Company is not responsible, the responsibility yourself is alone. .

III. Limited Liability Company, upload using this site or this service, it is not possible to manage the traveler sent by me for other methods, the obligation to monitor such a traveler for any purpose It does not bear.
Therefore, the Company, traveler, or, by members, any statement, representation or description (but including the information obtained using this site, but not limited to these.) Of accuracy, integrity, appropriate sex, not be responsible for the legality or applicability. The Company, the opinions expressed in the traveler or traveler, does not guarantee the recommendations or advice, customers, customers to abandon the rights or remedies of legal, which may have with or against the Company with respect to these particularly I agree, and then abandoned here.
Our company, as a result of the distribution by life casting activities by the customer, not be against you or any third party responsible for, in the context of the present site or the Service or the life casting by the customer through these, it is, the customer is solely responsible.

6. Access to paid content: Rates and billing procedures

A. The access to the fee particular paid content, you may fee or access fee is required.
Customers of members, (i) application period per month membership fee to access a specific paid content (hereinafter, referred to as the "membership fee".) Or pay, or (ii) certain of paid content to a specific time access fee of one-time to access (hereinafter, referred to as "pay-per-view subscription fees.") by paying, you will be able to access to paid content.
Except as expressly provided in this Terms and Conditions, the rate is all reimbursement disabled and non-transferable.
To transactions through the Site and Services customers do, you may consumption tax in fee billing of domicile (effective consumption tax rate to be applied in the location and the time at the time of the transactions completed) is imposed. Customers, any kind of tax all related to the access of the customer to pay content (consumption tax, but includes the use tax and withholding tax, but not limited to these.) Obligation to pay as soon as possible these you pay. Even when the expiration or termination, is not made ??a refund of the fee by the proportional calculation. Customers, at the end, you agree to pay unpaid amount of already-pending fee (if any) immediately.

B. Payment customers, towards the other to use you and your company account (including your agent.) for access to or use of paid content by, the fee by the valid price at the time all of the Company you agree to pay. In addition, customers, the Company, as part of the customer of the Company's account information to perform billing collection of the fee due to the credit card that provides the information to the Company, through a settlement agency of other third party fee It said that to carry out the recovery, will allow the Company to recover the fee in a direct or indirect manner.

7. Mutual exchanges between our user

Customers, interaction with customers and other of our user (including any dispute.) Alone responsible to.
Customers will understand that we do not review our user in any way.

Customers, upon disclosure of personal information for use, as well as other of our users of the site and the service, solely responsible, these when warning, discretion, common sense, and exercise judgment. Customers, in all of the interactions with other of our users, especially our users and off-line, or, in case you decide to meet directly, and agree to reasonable precautions.
This site by the customer, for the use of this service, the content, and other book sites or information other materials made ??available through this service is carried out in your sole risk and discretion, here is our company, customers and to the involvement of these It denies any responsibility for any third party that is. The Company, in order to evaluate compliance with the provisions and policies in this Terms of Service, we reserve the right to contact the members in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Customers, activities that illegality is suspected fraudulent activity, or by illegal activities (in the person representing the company, but includes allowing access to the protected part in the password of your Company's account, but not limited to these.) in order to investigate, it is assumed that if fully cooperation to the Company.

5 (c) Without prejudice to the conditions of (iii), if the Company, in its sole discretion, to assess compliance with the rules and policies set forth in this Terms of Use, or, to be recognized as art necessary to other to, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, can be made a survey or record the communication through the exchange other the site or the service broadcast chat.

8. Our user obligations

A. General prohibitions this site and this service, you can only use and access for legitimate purposes. You agree to comply with all of the applicable locations that are relevant to the use of this site and this service by customers, local governments, national and foreign laws, regulations, treaties and regulations. In addition, the customer, while the use or access this site and the Services, you agree that you will not perform the following actions (but not limited to those listed below.).

     1. To avoid the ability to prevent or restrict the use or replication of security-related function or the content of the Site or the Service, it is hampered by the invalidated or otherwise, that.

     2. Part or function of a video player (which includes a link to this site and the service, but not limited to it.) To modify the, burying, or interfering thing.

     3. (I) Customer (including a user posts that are likely to violate the confidentiality obligation or duty of loyalty is likely to have customers in relation to traveler) replication, it does not have a user post a legal right to send and exhibition , (II) the customer, verification of identity is who can name, voice, signature, about the use of photographic or portrait, (in each within the range affected by the traveler) consent or permission from the person despite the need, traveler does not obtain the consent or license, or (iii) intellectual property rights or privacy rights of third parties (copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and other intellectual property rights, or including moral rights or publicity rights upload the traveler, for infringement but not limited) to these, delivery, to be sent by e-mail send other methods.

     4. The Company's name, trademark, URL, or the use of meta tags other hidden text or metadata using the product name.

     5. Unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, other upload a solicitation of any form, delivery, to be sent by e-mail send other methods.

     6. Forge some of the header or the header information of the TCP / IP packet when performing the publication, or, for information relating to specific sources of information, send information that has been tampered with, deception information, or false information because to, the use of the site or the service regardless of the method.

     7. Illegal, obscene, harmful, threatening, harassment, defamation, or traveler including a target or symbol gives the traveler or discomfort discomfort, users post that violates the privacy of a third party, nude (pornography , erotic work, but including child pornography or child sexual love work, but is not limited to these.) traveler, including, deceptive, threatening, or abusive traveler, traveler to induce illegal activities, honor traveler, defamatory to damage the, vulgar, or violent traveler, hate speech become traveler, or other company a traveler regarded as unsuitable, through the site or the service, upload, delivery, electronic It is sent by e-mail send other methods.

     8. (I) Interfere with the function of computer software, to destroy or limit, or, (II) a user, can interfere with the access of the host or network, designed computer viruses or other computer code as a purpose, traveler that contains the file or program (the transmission of the virus, overloading with respect to the present site, flooding, but including spamming or mail bomb attacks, but not limited to these.) upload, delivery, by e-mail send other methods It is sent.

     9. Is independent of the direct aesthetic nature of the traveler, traveler of the video, hidden in the audio and video, or, the user posting that contains a symbol that has been included in secretly by other methods, upload, delivery, to be sent by e-mail send other methods.

     10. Available web page on this site or on this service, this site or a server connected to this service, the technical delivery systems of the network or our providers, interfere or cut off, or attempts to interfere with or shut-off thing, and the request of the network that is connected to this site or this service, procedure, that do not comply with the policy or rule.

     11. Our system or network vulnerabilities of probing, to try to scan or inspection, or, (including the content and the traveler can be used from a video player.) This site or this service to protect the security or authentication measures, in violation, harm or avoid trying try it,.

     12. For software that is used to provide the Site and Services, to break the encryption, decompile, attempt to disassemble or reverse engineering.

     13. Software that we provide, search agent, or other generally available third-party web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox, Safari or Opera, etc.) other than the engine, software, tool, agent , device or method (with respect to the site or the service, but includes software to send a query to determine the rank of a web site or web page, but not limited to these.) in, this site or this to access the service, or the site or the service search or meta-search thing.

     14. Collection or storage to be without the explicit permission of the personal data of the person on the other user.

     15. Through the social engineering of pretexting, or other format, pretending to be cooperative relationship with our customers and the individual or entity, incorrectly displays, or by other methods to carry out the fraud.

     16. Making use of the Site or the Service in a way that is not permitted under the Terms and Conditions.

     17. That the violation of the conditions of the above act was carried out or the Terms of Service, to encourage or orders to others.

     18. Traveler, such as a violation of the Public Offices Election Law, upload, delivery, to be sent by e-mail send other methods.

     19. Lottery, to perform an act that corresponds to barter or auction. (If you have obtained the official authorization, please contact us)

     20. In such a way or to alter or modify the damage or advertising function advertising effect that we provide, that the use of the Site or the Service.

     21. MLM or infinite chain lecture the traveler such that the solicitation of (Ponzi scheme), upload, delivery, to be sent by e-mail send other methods.

     22. Fraud, unauthorized trading of obscene material, drug trafficking, upload gambling, constitute a criminal activity or illegal activities such as illegal acquisition and disclosure of trade secrets, the traveler to be or aiding and purpose, delivery, e-mail sent other It is sent by the way.

B. Obligations to a third party customer, if the obligation to a third party (for example, you are considered, such as the case based on the terms and conditions of the other SNS, but not necessarily in such a case), the Company rather than the customer is responsible for compliance with obligations to third parties.
The Company, permit the use of this site and this service by allowing customers, also from the third party for the use of any third party of the service by the customer related to your use of the Site or the Services by you no representation guarantee that it is. Also, does not representations and warranties that your use by the customer is in compliance with the laws and regulations that may be applicable to your use of third-party service by the customer.
The Company, the region that you are going to apply to activities between customers that are using this site and the services or third-party services, local governments, national, foreign laws, regulations, treaties and conventions or agreements, regulations, not responsible for compliance with the breach of policy or procedure.

9. Sweepstakes and contests

The Company, through the Site or the Service, sweepstakes, contests or similar promotional activities (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "promotional activities".) You may make.
Customers each promotional activities of the rules to participate through the Site or the Service (for example, "Official Rules"), the customer as part of the promotional activities, or a result of participation in the promotional activities, the Company for submission to post because that may be included important additional information about the rights, please read it carefully. If conflicting with the conditions Terms and Conditions of the official rules, it takes precedence conditions of the Official Rules.

10. Exclusion of warranty

This site by the customer, this service, use of the content and the traveler is, it depends on your sole discretion and risk burden. This site, this service, this content, traveler, as well as, all of the material contained in these, information, goods and services, on the assumption that "as is" and "capable of providing current situation", any kind of warranty It will be provided without attached. The Company expressly related to this site, this service, this content and traveler, implied, does not matter the legal, any kind of guarantee (title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of intellectual property rights, trade includes a guarantee of the process or the implementation of the process, but are not limited to these.) all it expressly excluded.
The Company, (i) the safety of the Site or the Service, assurance on the reliability, timeliness and function, and, (ii) the Site, the Service, the content and user effect or error there is no error in the post all it eliminates the guarantee to the effect that is corrected. Customer, any notification or information received from the Company as well, oral, regardless of the writing, not a guarantee that is not explicitly stated in these Terms and Conditions.
There are jurisdictions that do not allow the exclusion of certain guarantees. Therefore, some of the above exclusion, it may be in the customer does not apply.

11. Responsibility

In any case, the Company, the Company's officers, directors, employees or agents, the present site by the customer, this service, from the use of this content or traveler, or, any damage (indirectly arising in conjunction with these, incidental, but includes a special manner, punitive or consequential damages, but not limited to these.) for also, whether the damage is foreseeable, whether or not the Company had received notification of the possibility of such damages the regardless, does not assume any responsibility for the customer.

12. Links to Third Party

This site and this service, you may want to provide a link from this site or this service to third-party sites or information sources.
Customers, the Company, of the web site or source of information, the availability or accuracy, and, the web site or source of information, or content available from these, of goods or services, the availability or accuracy of against, not responsible, also, the Company, the web site, information source, or, to understand that it does not guarantee the available content, goods or services, from the web site or source of information, and agree . Customers, for the use by customers of the web site or source of information, to understand that the responsibility alone, will assume all of the risks arising from such use.

13. Feedback and own development

The Company has accepted the customer's feedback.
Customer feedback, support@liveonlive.com you can send by e-mail from other parts of or this site addressed.

However, whether the customer is proposed against the Company related to the use of this Terms of Use or our of the Site or the Service, ideas, suggestions, concepts or due to other feedback (in writing, either by oral, due to other format or method No question. hereinafter referred to as the "feedback". If) is selected to provide, our obligation (confidentiality with respect to the feedback, does not matter whether it relates to compensation other) the Company not be held you agree that you can freely use and use the feedback in every way to not impose any kind of restrictions.

You shall all of feedback agree that it is our sole and exclusive property.
You are here, all of the rights that you may have with respect to all of the feedback, title and interest, and transfer in all of our company to irrevocably with intellectual property rights in these, be transferred irrevocably you agree to.

In the Company's request and expense, the customer, the acquisition of legal protection relating to the Company's intellectual property rights, or any other feedback, creating the Company for which the Company get assistance in equipped and maintenance of combat requirements of documents to request reasonable and and shall carry out the additional measures.
In addition, customers, our company is our own program, we perform the planning and project of creation and development, the Company (including the concept contemplated or included in the feedback) your feedback and or if it was quite similar competing products, services, and acknowledge that the plan and the project there may be that you are already independently developed, you agree to this. Any described in the Terms and Conditions, the application that the Company has been contemplated or included in the feedback, services, products, concepts, system or technology similar to that whether or competing applications, services, products, concepts, development of system or technology, distribution, will not be interpreted as a sale or advertising done without or so far to compensate for the customers with respect did not effect or customer feedback carried out in or the effect of the assertion or agreement to provide input or answers to our customers.

14. General Provisions

A. negotiable customers, whether in whole or in part, also, regardless of whether as a matter of course on a voluntary or law, without the consent in writing from the Company in advance, without transfer of the Terms and Conditions, without transfer of rights under these Terms and Conditions, or, it does not delegate its obligations under this Terms of Service. Without obtaining the consent of the appropriate prior written from the Company, assignment or transfer customer has intended, it will be disabled. We are, without your consent, you can transfer the rights under this Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions.

B. relationship between the parties this Terms of Use on the relationship, the customer, not the company's employees or agents, also, it shall not express also to be any of the above (if the customer is, to become a member and it includes the case to create an account.).
Each party is independent, the other contractor, co-owner, joint venture person, rather than an agent, as an employee or employer, to act independently, without also bound by the other to any contract, or, it does not attempt to restraint. Each party, (but including the costs related to the implementation of the Terms of Service, but is not limited to this.) This Terms of Service based on obligations of each party's own that have occurred in the implementation cost to you solely responsible .

C. a Severability and waiver this Terms of Use provisions, if an invalid or enforcement is that it is impossible, the remaining provisions will remain in effect. Non-enforcement of the provisions of any rights or these Terms and Conditions by the Company is also not considered a waiver of such right or provision.

D. Force Majeure Company, events beyond the scope of the Company's reasonable control (denial of service attack, strike, deprivation, riots, rebellion, fire, flood, storm, explosion, natural disaster, war, terrorism, governmental action, labor conditions, earthquake, shortage of raw materials, abnormal congestion of the Internet, our unusual problem relating to connectivity experienced by unrelated major communication connection skilled in the art and infrastructure, or failure of the Company's co-location facilities (hereinafter, respectively " called a force majeure event ".) includes, but is not limited to these.) by as the reason for the negligence or delay of the fulfillment of our obligations, we can not be held responsible in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions.
If the force majeure event occurs, the Company, while the force majeure event continues, will be exempt from the further fulfillment of our obligation to have suffered affected by the force majeure event.

E. Governing Law Terms and Conditions, the relationship between you and the Company, regardless of the provisions of the conflict of laws, and governed by Japanese law. Customers and the Company is, for any dispute between the two also agreed the Tokyo District Court to be the first instance of the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

F. Entire Agreement Terms and Conditions, this site are the complete and only agreement between the Company and its customers regarding this content and this service, with respect to the present site and the service, all of the agreements that have been made previously between the Company and its customers in preference to, also, it is an alternative to these.

G. Notification other communications to be made ??on the basis of the notification Terms and Conditions than (a) the Company (each in each case, to the destination you supply) by sending an e-mail, published in (b) the Site by Rukoto, or, (c) customers than in the e-mail support@liveonlive.com by sending to the destination addressed or other we have to specify, will be done. The day on which such notice is sent is considered the date of receipt.

H. Please contact us by e-mail  at support@liveonlive.com


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